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Unlike the Phoenicians who installed their commercial airports in the westernmost part of the island, the Greeks settled in the eastern part of Sicily, along the whole coastline, founding colonies each of which had a Greek city as motherland. Attracted not only by the strategic importance of the island, for their trades on the Mediterranean Sea, but also by its natural resources, the Greeks drove the indigenous peoples from the best territories to the inner woods. The land of Piraino was probably one of the fertile woods of the island, it was first known to the Sicels then to the Greeks, colonizers from Greece to the West from the 8th to the 3rd century BC. and then to the Romans who colonized the coasts of Sicily from the 2nd century BC After the Romans, who dominated the island for several centuries, the Byzantines arrived (VI AD), they left important traces during their domination and also Piraino bears witness to the presence of numerous churches consecrated to Saints of Byzantine origin. In the middle of the VIII century AD in Sicily began the first raids by Muslims who subjected the island to frequent raids and looting. There was therefore the Muslim consolidation on the island that since 870 had been completely conquered by the Arabs. Sicily was Islamized and many churches were turned into mosques. In 1061 the Normans arrived, which spread throughout the Valdemone, a district in which the territory of Piraino was included, thus began the decline of the Arab domination. The Swabians later represented the sunset of the political power of Islam. In 1249 under the Swabian domination the Emperor Frederick II granted the lands of Piraino, Ficarra and Sinagra in fief to the Bishop of Patti who at that time was also Bishop of Lipari. Subsequently the fief of Piraino was assigned to the Lancia di Brolo who also ruled over the fief of Ficarra. The Lancia dominated Piraino until the early 1600s. On 13 November 1640 Don Francesco Denti bought the barony and land of Piraino from the Paternò family and in 1641 Vincenzo Denti was appointed baron of Piraino. With a privilege signed in Madrid on 19 July 1656 by the King of Spain, Filippo IV Piraino was elevated to Ducato for the merits of Vincenzo Denti who officially invested in the Duchy and the Land of Piraino in 1666. Among the merits of Vincenzo Denti was to have sedated the social unrest erupted in several cities of the Valdemone as Patti, S. Angelo, Librizzi and other cities in Val di Noto, due to the growing economic crisis that in the mid-seventeenth century hit the Kingdom of Sicily.